Is Drip Chicken Essence Effective? Ways to Choose the Best Brands | Drinking Tips, Key Factors, and Contraindications

Numerous women and mothers are aware of the purported benefits of consuming chicken essence, such as fetal nourishment and relief from menstrual pain.

However, how does dripping chicken essence yield such benefits? What advantages does drinking chicken essence offer, and what is the most effective way to consume it? Furthermore, how can one select a high-quality brand, and who should not drink it?

Let us provide you with answers to these questions today!

What is Essence of Chicken?

Chicken is a protein-rich food that is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, making it an excellent source of physical strength and body strengthening. As a result, many postpartum women consume chicken soup or chicken to replenish their bodies. Additionally, there are many "chicken essence" products available on the market. But what exactly is Essence of Chicken?

Essence of Chicken is a product made from chicken that is steamed without refluxing the steam. The high temperature causes the chicken to release its juices, which are then collected. The fat and cholesterol are subsequently removed through centrifugation or static layering, and the impurities are filtered out. The resulting product is then packaged in aluminum bags.

When chicken is subjected to high heat, its protein breaks down into water-soluble amino acids. As a result, chicken essence lacks crude protein and is therefore easily absorbed by the body.

Chicken essence is a rich source of the 9 essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce and must obtain from food. Additionally, it is abundant in vitamin B group, including B2, B6, and B12.

Drip chicken essence can be stored at room temperature if it undergoes autoclaving. Without high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization, it must be kept frozen.

Common brands of drip chicken essence, such as Eu Yan Sang, Lao Xiezhen, Dynasty, Young Master, Yusaika Organic, and Tian Yuanxiang, all employ similar production methods.

The taste of drip chicken essence resembles that of chicken soup, and its nutritional content is comparable to that of chicken broth. The primary distinction between the two is that drip chicken essence filters out most of the fat and cholesterol, whereas chicken soup does not.

Because of this, chicken soup is more suitable for people who exercise regularly, keep fit, or whose work requires physical labor. Drip chicken essence is extracted under high pressure and high temperature, and most of the fat will be filtered out. It is suitable for urbanites who do not exercise regularly, have poor digestion, and need high-quality nutrition. pregnant women, the elderly, or children.

雞湯, 滴雞精

Six effects of dripping chicken essence

1) Enhance physical strength and anti-fatigue

Serotonin is a natural relaxant that can alleviate anxiety and worry, improve insomnia, headaches, and enhance immune function. Essence of Chicken contains "tryptophan," an essential component necessary for the formation of serotonin. Animal experiments have shown that drip chicken essence can alleviate fatigue, increase glycogen, and provide greater energy and endurance.

2) Improve concentration

Clinical trials have demonstrated that adding drip chicken essence can reduce the reaction time of participants in cognitive function tests and enhance their concentration.

3) Improve short-term memory + relieve stress

Excessive work pressure can lead to anxiety, confusion, fatigue, burnout, and other negative effects. Over the long term, it can even impact neurocognitive functions, particularly attention and visual-spatial memory. Clinical experiments on work stress have revealed that drip chicken essence can significantly reduce work-related stress.

4) Improving breast milk quality

Research has indicated that breastfeeding women who consume chicken essence have elevated levels of epidermal growth factor and lactoferrin in their blood, as well as increased levels of epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor in their colostrum.

Epidermal growth factor and transforming growth factor are involved in the development of gastrointestinal mucosa and enhance immune protection of the gastrointestinal mucosa. They play a critical role in the growth and development of infants, the function of the gastrointestinal tract, and the immune system.

5) Improve physical fitness and balance immunity

Drinking drip chicken essence daily provides the advantage of supplementing the body with sufficient high-quality protein, which can aid in the development of a healthy immune system and blood cells, thereby enhancing overall immunity.

6) Tonify the middle and Qi, replenish essence and marrow

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine diet therapy, drip chicken essence can reduce asthenic fever, have stronger tonic power, and nourish without dryness. Therefore, drinking drip chicken essence can improve the body's energy and blood, reduce menstrual pain and cold hands and feet problem.

During menstruation, it is safe to consume chicken essence as a means of replenishing lost nutrients. However, it is essential to note whether the brand of chicken essence you choose contains Chinese medicinal materials.

滴雞精, 經痛, 手腳冰冷

In addition, Huang Shuhui, a senior nutritionist at Postal Hospital pointed out that women in menstrual period, in the process of menstrual blood loss, nutrients in the body such as protein, iron, etc. will also be lost with menstrual blood. Easily absorbed drip chicken essence can replenish these lost nutrients, and you can drink drip chicken essence during menstrual period.

It is important to note that the drip chicken essence you choose should ideally not contain Chinese herbal ingredients. This is because certain Chinese medicines can induce blood flow and potentially lead to increased menstrual bleeding.

How to select a high-quality chicken essence brand?

Advertisements of drip chicken essence are overwhelming. Common brands of Essence of Chicken include Eu Yan Sang drip chicken essence, Lao Xiezhen Boiled drip chicken essence, Dynasty drip chicken essence, Shaoye drip chicken essence, Yusaika Organic drip chicken essence and Tianyuan Xiang drip chicken essence,

With advertisements for various brands of chicken essence seemingly omnipresent, many people may wonder which one to purchase. 

To make an informed decision, consider the following filter conditions and then weigh the options to determine the best brand to choose:

1) Chicken species

The cost of drip chicken essence is not solely attributed to advertising fees. In fact, differences in commodity prices are often the result of multiple factors, such as the selection of chicken species.

Choosing younger chickens that are not given antibiotics or hormones can result in higher costs compared to using culled laying hens or older chickens. The cost price of each chicken can vary by more than half, ultimately impacting the overall cost of the product.

老母雞, 滴雞精

Some brands of Essence of Chicken available in the market use old hens that lay eggs in cages, as this type of chicken is the most economical.

Although there is a legend that consuming soup made from old hens can nourish the body, from a scientific perspective, old hens release estrogen during the laying process, which can place a burden on the body and lead to less than ideal results in terms of nourishment.

For postpartum women, drinking chicken essence made from old hens may cause a reduction in breast milk production. Therefore, mothers who need to breastfeed are advised to avoid choosing chicken essence made from old hens.

In addition to hormone concerns, older hens are generally less healthy and robust compared to prime-aged chickens. Younger chickens have a better meat-to-fat ratio, resulting in more concentrated essence during the drip process.

According to a study by the Animal Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture, the oil content of chicken essence produced from old hens is twice as high as that of chickens of the appropriate age. Additionally, compared to hens of the same age or 56-week-old roosters, the amount of chicken essence produced during dripping is the highest in roosters. Furthermore, the gel strength of chicken essence extracted from roosters is stronger than that from hens.

Nutritionist also said that if the fat content in chicken essence increases, the content of amino acids, peptides and other substances will decrease.

2) Cost of equipment

The type of equipment used to produce drip chicken essence can also impact its cost. While a steamer or electric pot can be used to make chicken essence, the addition of automatic filling equipment and sterilization equipment can increase production costs.

As a result, drip chicken essence that can be stored at room temperature is generally more expensive than those that require freezer storage.

3) Chicken farming methods

Many people mistakenly think that chicken breeding is healthier than free-range chickens.

In fact, if the penning site can provide a high-quality environment, so that the chickens have enough exercise and a happy mood, then penning will be safer than free-range chickens.

If the stocking is not done properly, Chickens may have the opportunity to contract diseases from the wild, such as influenza and rat diabetes, etc.

Conversely, if chickens are raised in a closed chicken house with a water curtain, it can prevent chickens from contacting and infecting other birds and wild animals, so there is no need to worry about bird flu.

滴雞精, 放養雞, 有機產品

IV) Drug use

Whether the chicken has been injected with growth hormones or antibiotics is an item that must be paid attention to when choosing chicken essence.

Although some products on the market claim to have no hormone residues or drug residues, they are only sampling  checks - not every chicken will be checked actually.

So, it is best to choose organic chickens that are completely free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

5) Professional product certification

Products that have obtained international certifications, such as organic certification or laboratory test reports, are generally considered safer to consume and provide greater transparency regarding the product's quality. As such, it is recommended to check for such certifications when purchasing chicken essence.

How often do you drink chicken essence?

Chicken Essence is a mild food tonic that should be consumed based on the needs of the body. It is typically recommended to consume it when the body requires additional nutrition.

If you intend to drink chicken essence regularly, typically one sachet per day is sufficient. However, it is important to note that some individuals may not be suitable for consuming chicken essence, which can be checked at the bottom of this article.

Some people may only consume one or two boxes and then forget about it, assuming that drinking chicken essence is sufficient for nourishment. However, maintaining a healthy body requires consistent effort and cannot be achieved through sporadic consumption.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of nutritional products, it is recommended to establish a solid foundation by taking good care of one's physical health, maintaining a healthy work and rest schedule, following a balanced diet, and cultivating regular exercise habits.

When is the best time to drink drip chicken essence?

Chicken essence is known for its small size, easy absorption, and high nutritional value. It is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach before breakfast for maximum absorption and to provide an energy boost.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine meridians, the period from 7 to 9 in the morning is when the stomach meridian is most active, making it the ideal time for the digestive system. Consuming a sachet of high-nutrient chicken essence during this period allows the body to fully absorb its nutrients and reap the benefits.

Drinking a sachet before work or school can also help improve concentration and efficiency. Additionally, consuming chicken essence before 5:00 p.m. can help restore energy and is suitable for hard-working office workers, pregnant women, and children.

However, chicken essence is not recommended for consumption at night due to its vitality-boosting effects, which may negatively impact sleep quality.

Recommended brands of chicken essence

Yusaika Organic Fresh Chicken Essence is made from organic young fresh chickens, making it an excellent choice for a natural tonic. It is the only high-quality chicken essence on the market made from organic fresh chicken in Malaysia, and utilizes German filtration technology to remove all fat and impurities.


Product Features

  • Accredited by the Hong Kong Medical Association in 2020
  • The chickens used are certified by the Malaysian Organic Scheme, which is a national certification
  • No antibiotics and growth hormones are administered to the chickens throughout the whole process, and they have been certified by UKAS ISO
  • The chickens are in low-density EU-standard farms with automatic air and sunlight control
  • Using German high-tech filtration technology to completely remove grease and impurities
  • protein content is the highest among the 20 chicken essence brands on the market
  • Each 100g of chicken essence has only 81mg of sodium, which belongs to low sodium food
  • Can be stored at room temperature, no preservatives

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This organic fresh chicken essence is available at HKTV Mall is also available for sale.

Who can't drink Essence of Chicken? Will drinking have any side effects?

Although meat products can be nourishing, not everyone is suitable for drinking chicken essence every day. The following 4 groups of people should discuss with their doctor before deciding whether to consume chicken essence:

  1. Patients with high blood pressure: Some chicken essence products contain high levels of sodium, and excessive intake may cause blood pressure to rise. If your doctor approves, it is recommended to choose low-sodium chicken essence drops.

  2. Patients with chronic kidney disease: Chicken supplements are rich in potassium ions and protein, and excessive intake may increase the burden on the kidneys.

  3. Gout patients: Chicken essence is high in Purine (Purine) foods. Gout patients who consume too much high-purine food may experience an increase in uric acid levels, which can lead to gout crystals or gout symptoms.

  4. Patients with maple syrup urine disease: Maple syrup urine disease can cause the body to be unable to metabolize branched-chain amino acids, and excessive intake may exacerbate the disease.

For normal individuals, drinking chicken essence drops typically does not result in any side effects, and both men and women can consume it. However, it is important to remember that moderation is key, and that simply consuming more chicken essence is not a substitute for a balanced diet. It is recommended to consume chicken essence in accordance with the serving instructions.