Pregnant Women's Health Recipe | Steamed Egg

Expectant mothers often experience morning sickness and require easily digestible, nutrient-rich meals to replenish their energy. Yusaika presents a recipe for "Steamed Egg" with a foolproof secret to make it. The dish combines the fresh taste of chicken essence with the aroma of eggs, ensuring both nutrition and flavor.

Most importantly, with this trick, even dads who don't usually cook can easily make this dish. Moms who want to try it out should quickly share the recipe with their partners!

Steamed Egg Recipe


  • 2 Eggs
  • Water
  • Yusaika's organic fresh drip chicken essence
  • Salt or soy sauce (seasoning, optional)

Step 1: Crack one egg into a bowl and add approximately 1.5 times its weight in either water or chicken essence. Mix slowly and evenly.


Step 2: Strain the egg mixture and remove any surface foam with a spoon.


Step 3: Cover the bowl with a plate and put on the lid.

Steam on low heat for 7 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it sit for another 7 minutes.


Step 4: Remove from heat and now it's ready to be served!



Foolproof tips for making steamed egg

Check out Yusaika's fail-safe guidelines for preparing steamed eggs. If you adhere to these instructions, you'll undoubtedly end up with a scrumptious dish!

Secret tip 1: The ratio of eggs to water is crucial!

Eggs come in different sizes, so the best way to measure is by ratio. The ideal ratio of eggs to water is 1:1.5.

Depending on the amount of egg mixture, add one packet of chicken essence and mix in an appropriate amount of water.

For those who prefer a stronger flavor, you can use Yusaika's brand chicken essence to completely replace the water, but be sure to maintain the ratio of 1:1.5!

Secret tip 2: Be sure to sift the mixture! 

When beating the egg mixture, a lot of air is generated, so it's essential to use a sieve to remove the bubbles.

This will make the egg mixture smoother, and when steamed, it won't turn out like a honeycomb.

Secret tip 3: Cover it!

When steaming, cover the egg mixture with aluminum foil or cling wrap to prevent water vapor from dripping onto the surface of the egg mixture, which can form small air pockets.

Secret tip 4: Temperature control!

Steam the egg mixture over medium heat with water. Depending on the amount of egg mixture, determine the cooking time.

After 4-5 minutes, you can open the lid and release some steam while checking the degree of doneness of the steamed egg. Then, decide whether to continue steaming for a longer time.


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