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30 Days Preparation Care Package (8 Boxes of Organic Drip Chicken Essence)
30 Days Preparation Care Package (8 Boxes of Organic Drip Chicken Essence)
30 Days Preparation Care Package (8 Boxes of Organic Drip Chicken Essence)

30 Days Preparation Care Package (8 Boxes of Organic Drip Chicken Essence)




Compared with eating a chicken daily or making chicken essence at home, consuming YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence can effectively intake nutrients of chickens. It saves time on long-hour stewing and completely removes fat and cholesterol from chickens; meanwhile, preserves the flavor and nutrition of chicken essence.

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  • 100% Genuine Product: "No Fake" Pledge issued by Intellectual Property Department, HKSAR

【Must read】We only deliver chicken essence to Hong Kong, Macau and Australia.

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Accredited by Hong Kong Health Care Federation in 2021

  • Near 90% of medical workers agree that YUSAIKA Drip Chicken Essence, which is made of organic chicken, is healthier than other brands not using organic chickens.
  • Over 90% of medical workers agree that consuming YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence can facilitate health and help to supplement nutrition efficiently.
  • Near 80% of medical workers agree that YUSAIKA Drip Chicken Essence, which all fat and cholesterol are filtered out by advanced German filtering technology, have a greater chance of stopping weight gain. (compared with those not using this filtering method to produce)
  • 90.7% of medical workers agree that the texture of YUSAIKA’s chicken essence looks clearer, without impurities.
  • 83.2% of medical workers agree that the taste of YUSAIKA’s chicken essence is fresher.
  • 85.1% of medical workers agree that YUSAIKA’s chicken essence has more mellow flavor.

* 107 testers are those engaged in medical sector, which are composed of the following age groups: 18-24 years old 7.5%, 25-34 years old 26.2%, 35-44 years old 20.6%, 45-54 years old 23.4% , 54 years old or above 22.4%. The percentage is based on statistics from testers with the above questions.

International Food Safety & Organic Standard

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Nourishing without getting fat.

Every pouch of YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence is produced by slow-stew of whole organic chicken with high heat for 8 hours, which creates a well-layered flavor; with complete and abundant nutrients retained. No water added. No steam reflux.

  • Compared with the 20 kinds of chicken essence and dripping chicken essence products in the market, YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence has the highest protein content, containing up to 8.7 grams of protein per 100 grams.
  • Each pouch of YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence contains 20 types of hydrolyzed amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize.
  • It is proven by laboratory that YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence is rich in amino acids and branched chain amino acids (BCAA), which provides energy to the body, helps reduce fatigue. An excellent choice for energy replenishment.
  • No antibiotics, hormone, artificial colourings or seasonings added. No preservatives.

Organic certified fresh chicken = Safe + Healthy

  • Accredited with UKAS ISO certification and MyOrganic (An organic certification issued by the Government of Malaysia). Full compliance with standards of organic certification recognized by Malaysia.
  • Fed on nutritious corn and soybean along with natural lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) to enhance immunity health
  • Raised without antibiotics and hormone.
  • The rearing complies with sustainability principles, which keeps environmental and ecological damage and pollution to the minimum, actively promote the green production culture.
  • Well-equipped with smart system, including intelligent climate, humidity and lighting control and automatic feed system, which offer a more stable and comfortable living environment for chickens.
  • YUSAIKA places emphasis on environmental hygiene and only selects pheasantry that is bacteria-free and segregate from outside. blocking all access to pathogens (contaminated soil, wild birds, microorganisms, etc.).
  • Organic pheasantry with spacious room for chickens to have adequate exercise, growing high-protein, low-fat healthy chickens. Chance is cross-infection is lowered.
  • Every chicken grows up with classical music, thus they are calmer than normal chickens and their excrement smells less. Relaxed chickens give tender texture and rich flavor.
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Preparing for pregnancy — Getting pregnant more easily

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe women experience Qi and blood deficiency may attenuate the ovarian function and may lower chances of becoming pregnant.

Drip chicken essence gets your body ready for a lovely baby. It keeps Qi and blood in harmony. Also, with a high content of protein, it helps improve physical fitness and nourish the ovum and ovary, enhancing fertility.

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Product Information

  • Hong Kong: $70 per order
  • Macau: $80 per order
  • 海外:根據相應訂單金額而收取$120-$320
    訂單價值等於或低於 HK$438,每張訂單$320
    訂單價值等於或低於 HK$1314 及高於HK$438,每張訂單$220
    $120 shipping fee for order exceeding HK$1314 but below HK$2000
  • Free shipping for orders over $1,500 (applicable to HK & Macau), over $2,000 (applicable to all overseas orders)

User Reviews

It tastes really like chicken broth. My eczema got triggered off easily whenever I consumed hormone-rich meat. YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence is made from fresh organic chicken, which is completely antibiotic-free and hormone-free. I found that there is no eczema reaction after drinking, therefore I also recommended this chicken essence to my mother.

By Vivien Yeo and Vivien’s mother

Heat for 3 minutes and consume, one pack a day is really convenient!

By Dudu Ann

Rich in chicken flavor but won’t taste like ordinary canned chicken essence, even my sons like to drink. Zero fat and cholesterol, won’t get fat after drinking!

By 鯨媽

Since I have a baby, I am so exhausted every day! I have no time to cook in the pot to replenish my body. Recently, I finally found a way to quickly and easily tonic my body! I started to drink YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence ~ It is easy to prepare, just need to soak in hot water to heat it, and it is very delicious!

By Madelyn


By ★Ringo美豬☆

Because my son was on holiday, I played with him all night. As a result, I was always very tired in the next morning. I drank for a week, and felt that I am now more energetic. My face was less pale also.

By 嘉欣

作為空姐兼健身教練,身兼兩職,對身體健康就更加重視。御世家有機鮮雞滴雞精就是我的提神小秘密啦! 我個人感覺就是:喝完過了一會兒,就馬上感到精神真的好起來!每天喝也不怕會長肉,讓我可以好好維持身材~

By Kylie Tan

In these years, I have paid more attention to my health. After drinking YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence continuously for two weeks, I feel that both my Qi and complexion are improved. Even if I play with my son for a long time, I ain’t getting tired easily.

By Crystal Hsu

Days ago, I visited my Chinese medicine practitioners and found that I was “Qi deficient”. I was feeling too weak to keep talking and singing all day long. My hands and feet were cold during menstruation also. I drank four packs of YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence and found that I was full of energy. I didn’t feel sore after I finished gym and the coldness of my hands and feet were gone~

By Rita

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Yvette Cheng


Jasmine Ng

提神暖宮功效好好 經期+前後都無唔舒服過(以前成日會頭暈隱隱作痛咁)

Olivia Cheng

飲過幾個牌子 好似都係呢個最好飲呀


同我想像中個陣雞精腥味差天共地呀 一飲落去已經覺得好鮮甜嘅 可以話一啲腥味都無~!

Rachel Lee

而個月完全無咗痛經問題 以前每個月經期前永遠都會痛幾日 所以好開心哇!





Aries Lam