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ImmuGuard Probiotics+


【Yusaika ImmuGuard Probiotics+: Product Description】 

Your brand new, one stop solution for immune system is here. We proudly present to you: Yusaika ImmuGuard Probiotics+. With our customized probiotic’s formula, we elevate your immunity with ease, ultimately helping you to deal with the challenge from virus!

【ImmuGuard Probiotics+ :Product Features】
✨Completed clinical trials and authentic patented formula, proven solution for enhancing the immune system 
l Opting for WTO&EPO patented probiotics strains CECT 7315 & 7316*, originated from human, easier to colonize in our gut. Clinically proved 

✨Responding to the 3 main physiological process decreasing immunity 

l Reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress accelerates your ageing issue. By consuming ImmuGuard Probiotics+, you would be able to slow down the ageing process and therefore remain your immunity. 

l Balancing inflammatory pathways: Inflammation is actually a protective response of cells to the dangers of pathogen, infection or tissue damage. By taking ImmuGuard Probiotics+, you will be able modulate your cytokine to achieve an anti-inflammatory effect 

l Harmonizing our internal microbiome: The gastrointestinal tract, in fact, contributes up to 70% of our immune system activity. Digestion and metabolism are affected by the tract, too. Opting for ImmuGuard Probiotics+ allows you to adjust your gastrointestinal tract to enhance your immunity. 

✨Proven effectiveness on enhancing the immunity of the elderly 
l There are several clinical proofs supporting that ImmuGuard Probiotics+ can greatly increase the influenza-specific IgG & IgA within elderly. It can also invigorate the immune protection on influenza and allow the vaccine to better shelter the elderly. 

l Also, ImmuGuard Probiotics+ can improve the nutrient absorption of elderly and strengthen the immune system of elderly through adjusting the gastrointestinal tract 

✨Customized Probiotics for a better colonization🏠 
l Clinical trials suggest that, the more strains a probiotic have, the more likely those strains eliminate each other for an attachment site in your intestine.

l Our proudly customized single-strain probiotics CECT 7315 & 7316, orientated from human, able to resist acid, bile salt, enzymes and stress environment, is your sole solution to escalate your immunity with its ability to attach to the intestinal mucosa well.

l ImmuGuard Probiotics+ opts for freeze-drying, enabling more probiotics to stay alive and reach the intestinal for colonization.

✨Exclusive, scientifically formulated solution

l Besides CECT 7315 & 7316, ImmuGuard Probiotics+ contain Vitamin B6, B12, C, Zinc and Selenium. A single capsule of Probiotics+ fulfill 50% RDA (Recommended daily Allowances) of your vitamins & minerals, doubling your immunity with ease!

l Vitamin B6: Improving your mood and the healthiness of your brain, as well as helping the body to generate red blood cells, maintain your immune systems
l Vitamin B12: Helping probiotics to reproduce, generate red blood cells
l Vitamin C & Zinc: Improving your immunity 
l Selenium: Helping you to deal with oxidative stress, reliving the inflammatory response in your body, uplifting the immunity. 

✨Meeting numerous safety & quality standards
l ImmuGuard Probiotics+ meeting the IPA and CODEX standards of GMP, containing ZERO allergen. 

l ImmuGuard Probiotics+ fulfilling safety test and carrying ZERO transmissible antibiotic resistances genes 

【How to eat & precautions】 

How to eat 
l Adults: Take one capsule per day, with meal or immediately after meal 
l Kids aged 3 or above: Take one capsule per day, with meal or immediately after meal. If any swallowing difficulty exists, please open the capsule and mix the probiotics powder with cold food or beverage. 

🙅🏻 Precaution 
1. Please keep this product out of reach of children 
2. Please consult your pharmacist/doctor before taking this product 
3. Please keep below 30°C, keep away from direct sunlight or humidity.

* Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 7315 & 7316 registered patent EP220210 & WO2009068474 **BOSCH GALLEGO M, ESPADALER MAZO J, MÉNDEZ SANCHEZ M, et al. 

Consumption of the probiotic Lactobacillus planctarum CECT 7315/7316 improves general health in the elderly subjects[J]. Nutricion Hospitalaria, 2011, 26(3):642-645. 

Patented丨Clinically proven丨Originated from human

ImmuGuard Probiotics+


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Claudia Li


Koko Wong

有埋實驗證明有用 信心都大啲 希望大家健健康康啦!

Joey Fung

比起以前,依家更加多俾送保健品俾朋友,唔係講笑. 疫情太反覆啦, 更加注意健康同衛生.




唔單止少咗病 連腸胃健康都好咗添呀

Elisa Yiu


Sammi Cheng

以前久不久就有啲小病 小感冒咁 而家KEEP住食御衛寶就好似無咩病過咁濟:)

Elaine Leung

疫情之下特別注意健康 少啲病痛都安心啲 所以都每日都食